Getting Started with Pandas for Data Manipulation in Python

Python is the core language used for data manipulation to perform operations such as analysis, manipulation or optimization on large datasets to achieve the desired format.

Understanding Data Manipulation

Data manipulation refers to the process of utilizing programming languages and libraries to analyze, organize, manipulate and optimize large datasets to make large data more readable, optimized, structured and understandable.

The Power of Pandas

The following points demonstrate the area of data pandas are well suited for: – Tabular data such as SQL tables or Excel spreadsheets. – Arbitrary matrix data with row and column labels. – Ordered and unordered data. – Observational or statistical data sets.

Creating and Understanding DataFrames

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head() method

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Deleting the Row & Column to DataFrame

You can use the drop() method to remove or delete the row and column from the DataFrame using the index of the row and the label to remove the column. Also, Make sure to add the “axis=1” when removing the column


Python language is flexible and versatile in nature; hence, it is used in many fields like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web Development, IoT and many more.

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