Web Accessibility: Designing User-Friendly Websites

The web has become a part of our daily lives, providing a multitude of services, information, and experiences. As a business or website, you want to get as many visitors as possible to your website or web pages.

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Web accessibility refers to making websites accessible to all people, regardless of their disabilities, impairments, and limitations.

<header> tag is used to create the top section of the website. <nav> tag is used to create navigation menus. <main> tag is used to write the website’s main content. <footer> tag is used to create the bottom section of the website.

HTML Structure

Semantic Tags

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Designing and developing a website that can be easily navigated using only the keyboard is one of the important factors of web accessibility.

Keyboard Accessibility

Colour Contrast


It is important to prioritize web accessibility to develop accessible and user-friendly websites that can be accessed by all people, regardless of their disabilities.

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