What is Mobile-First Approach in Web Design

The technological revolution has led to the expansion of digital space and mobile device development. The rapid growth of mobile devices leads to the increase of a larger audience base from mobile screens.

What is Mobile-First Approach?

A mobile-first approach in web design is the strategy of planning and developing a website considering the needs of the mobile screen user first. This means creating a better experience for mobile users by starting the development process from a smaller screen rather than a larger one.

Implementing A Mobile-First Approach

1. Prioritize Content 2. Wireframing and Breakpoints 3. Thumb-friendly elements and CTA placement 4. Debugging


We all know that mobile devices are currently dominating the market, and therefore we must use the mobile-first approach in web design to build a visually consistent website. The mobile-first approach eventually helps us gain user attention, ultimately resulting in higher engagement, conversion and web traffic.