4 Ways to Permanently Fix WordPress Missed Schedule Error?

Publishing content consistently is essential to increase traffic, grow the brand, and keep your visitors happy, but publishing content on time is a hectic process when done manually, so WordPress comes with a built-in scheduling system that helps us schedule posts or content in advance.

What is the WordPress Missed Schedule Error?

WordPress comes with many exciting features, and scheduling the post’s publication is one of the useful features of the WordPress editor. When you finished writing and editing the post but didn’t want to publish it immediately.

Four Ways to Permanently Fix the Missed Schedule Error

1. Setting Up the Correct Time Zone 2. Increase the Memory Limit of ordPress 3. Crn Jobs 4. Use a dedicated WordPress plugin


It is essential to publish posts consistently to increase traffic, improve SEO and increase brand value, and the scheduling post option allows us to publish content on time.

Fortunately, there are some ways available to fix the missed schedule error: – Setting up the time zone correctly – Make sure to increase the Memory limit – Enable the Wp-cron or use the  alternative WP-cron – Use the Plugins