How to  Stop Blog Content Scraping in WordPress?

Digital theft has been a big problem for everyone since the internet started, as anyone on the internet can take your content, image, and voice, claim it as their own, and profit from it. With the technological updates, manually stealing someone’s content became an automatic process using various techs and tools.

What is Blog Content Scraping?

Blog content scraping, also known as “content stealing”, is an act of extracting or copying content from various websites and republishing it on your own website without credit or permission.

Why Does Content Scraping Happen?

Content scraping is one of the most common problems website owners faces. And the primary reason for content scraping is to gain traffic with little effort because traffic equals money.

Ways to Prevent Content Scraping

Rate Limiting and Blocking IPs Deny from Adding Copyright Trademark Adding Watermark Using Captcha RSS Feed Disable Right Click Option Expert Support


The bitter truth is that there is no way to prevent content scraping completely, but you can use the methods above to reduce it so your site can deal with the bandwidth issue.