Introduction to Getting Started with No-Code Development

What is is a no-code development platform that combines the power of visual programming and a web development framework along with cloud infrastructure. It gives us a visual application editor interface to design, develop and host fully functional web applications without writing a single line of code.

The list below shows the power of the platform without going into the core of it:

– Creating user, and admin accounts – Database connectivity to save, modify, delete and retrieve data – Real-time updates – External Services connectivity using API such as (payment gateways, Data Sources) – Creating Responsive applications – Plugins and custom development support

What is visual programming?

Visual programming is what it sounds like. It allows us to build applications by dragging and clicking components using the graphical interface.

Key features of visual programming include:

– Drag-and-Drop Visual Interface – No-Code Development – Interactivity – Rapid Prototyping – Accessibility

The Application Editor

1. Design Tab 2. Workflow Tab 3. Data Tab 4. Styles Tab 5. Plugins Tab 6. Settings Tab 7. Logs Tab

Conclusion is a powerful no-code platform that can become a strong and faster option for building applications without using a single line of code. The interface of is quite simple and user-friendly, so the non-technical person also can build applications.